UltraBandTM 6000 Series

Internet consumption of media and entertainment is exploding, driven by services such as YouTube and Netflix, recent announcements for direct streaming offers from CBS, HBO and ESPN, as well as Internet-connected mobile devices. The consumption explosion is straining operator networks, resulting in poor subscriber QoE even in advanced broadband and 4G/LTE environments. In addition, dynamic events such as the World Cup and software updates like iOS 8, cause traffic spikes that also impact the subscriber experience, a key factor in customer retention.

UltraBand speeds delivery to end-users of Internet video, media and entertainment, file sharing applications, software distribution services and web. With PeerApp, operators ensure that their customers are able to watch video from services like Netflix and HBO Go on laptops, tablets and other devices - without experiencing buffering or stalling.

With PeerApp, operators are able to augment their networks to offer accelerated - local - delivery of Internet content of all types to their end-subscribers. The PeerApp approach improves subscriber QoE by eliminating buffering or stalls, increases operational efficiency, and opens service delivery and monetization opportunities. With the move to 4K/Ultra-High Definition (UHD) video, the PeerApp solution becomes even more important for delivering a good QoE to subscribers.


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