UltraBandTM 6000 Series

Product Overview

UltraBand optimizes delivery of Internet video services, file sharing applications, software distribution services and web browsing – virtually any service or application that consists of bandwidth-consuming large objects or of numerous small objects that delay page downloads. UltraBand is focused on resolving congestion while meeting subscribers’ demand for content and for delay-free web browsing. UltraBand can be implemented on its own or as part of an edge caching layer that serves both unmanaged OTT and managed CDN traffic. UltraBand 6000 is PeerApp’s newest generation transparent caching solution, featuring unprecedented scalability and performance along with a unique new policy engine that gives operators ultimate control over caching resources.

The UltraBand system consists of three major components: one or more cache engines that detect repeatedly-requested content and copy and retrieve the content to and from cache storage; storage ranging from appliances with self-contained storage to external arrays holding tens of terabytes; and a management system that supports system configuration, management and reporting.  UltraBand integrates with existing network elements, typically a router or deep packet inspection (DPI) device. As a result, there is minimal change to operator network configuration and traffic flow.

UltraBand in an operator network

Fully Transparent Caching

UltraBand’s transparency means that the system never interferes with the business logic of any Internet application or service, and guarantees that content served from cache is always up-to-date.  This enables full compliance with legislation for service provider liability protection, as defined in “safe harbor” provisions in the US (DMCA 1998), the EU (E-Commerce Directive 2000) and in other countries as inherited through free trade agreements. UltraBand does not expose a public IP address to subscribers, to HTTP services, to peer-to-peer networks or to third parties.


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