PeerApp Offers a Glimpse at the Future of Digital Africa and Improved Internet Content Delivery

As over 9,000 people congregate in Cape Town in early November for AfricaCom 2014, they will have a chance to glimpse at the future of Digital Africa. And PeerApp will be there with them at Stand C9.

Statistics on the growth of digital services in Africa are impressive.   According to Telegeography, Africa boasts:

  • Almost 10 million broadband subscribers
  • Since 2005, the greatest wireless growth rate of any global region (currently at 10%)
  • A CAGR of over 50% between 2010 and 2014 for Internet bandwidth and Internet traffic

Clearly, it’s a dynamic market.  As we’ve seen in other geographies, as Internet content consumption grows driven by increased bandwidth, appetite and devices, operators face challenges in delivering Internet content – especially video – in a way that is both cost-effective and meets customer expectations.

PeerApp in Africa

PeerApp works with mobile, fixed, and converged network operators in Africa. The company counts 80 network operators as customers across 36 African countries, with almost 200 Gbps capacity in operation. PeerApp’s UltraBand is the leading transparent caching solution globally, and six of the top seven operators in South Africa use UltraBand in their networks.

One customer in particular is leveraging opportunities to reduce costs and improve effectiveness of their networks.  This operator wanted to reduce their bandwidth requirements in order to lower costs and improve Quality of Experience (QoE) for their subscribers.   With PeerApp’s UltraBand, the operator has seen the following quality improvements:

1)      Reduction in needed Internet bandwidth of > 25%

2)      Average bandwidth savings > 30%

3)      Download speed on tested files decreased from 30 seconds to 1 second!

Beyond this operator customer, PeerApp’s UltraBand has significant presence in Africa and there are still many more operators who are not yet taking advantage of the benefits the solution brings. Recognizing the great need for this type of solution, PeerApp is expanding local operations and partnerships to better reach and serve customers across Africa.

We hope to see you at AfricaCom 2014 – please come by our Stand #C9 and say hello, or better yet, drop me a note to arrange a meeting with me or one of my

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