A Look Back Since Last Year’s CableLabs Summer Conference

As we make final preparations for CableLabs Summer Conference next week, it’s a good time to look back at the year that has passed since we last all met in Keystone.

During that time, our concept of a local approach to content delivery being necessary for operators to satisfy hungry consumers’ appetites for Internet content has been validated. PeerApp has grown to support 500 customers globally, with an aggregate of 5Terabits per second capacity deployed by our customers. This is on the scale of global CDN providers.   We’ve added a significant number of net new customers – including some of the world’s largest operator groups – as well as expansions at existing customers.  These customers are delivering improved Quality of Experience to their end-customers, saving costs along the way.

Also since Keystone last year, the Streaming Video Alliance was formed. This group – of which we are proud to be a member – works to foster deeper ecosystem collaboration, create an open architecture and promote best practices that will allow online video to flourish.  An open approach to content delivery is a fundamental belief for us, having demonstrated at previous CableLabs events how our open APIs allow collaboration across the video delivery value chain.

We’ve also started trials of our new upstream caching capability (which we will be showing in Keystone next week). Upstream traffic has historically been mainly peer-to-peer, but is starting to include Internet of Things (IoT) applications such as home surveillance.   With upstream caching – which is based on patented PeerApp peer-to-peer technology - MSOs can defer CMTS port upgrades or node splits, as well as improve home WiFi performance. Good for the MSO and good for the consumer!

Over the past year, more customers have put our live-event streaming capability into production. At next week’s event, we’ll be showing an emerging live streaming use case – multicast streaming. This demo – an architecture involving Intel and Qualcomm components – highlights the natural extension of local content delivery into the home. To read more about our Summer Conference demos, please read our press release.

Our growth over the past 12 months has also included significant expansion of our educational campus customers, which has been particularly meaningful to us as we are able to play a part in the increasingly positive role of technology in education. Do we help alleviate congestion due to binge watching by college students? Of course.   But more importantly, we help K-12 districts deliver online learning, help college campuses enable distance learning and academic research, and help all ecosystems efficiently update devices with the most current software.

It’s been a great year. We’re looking forward to Summer Conference kicking off an even bigger one!


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