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The demand for internet content is developing rapidly both in term of volumes year over year – and characteristics – video and peer-to-peer traffic. Access technologies are also evolving to meet the growing demand in terms of bandwidth offered, e.g., 4G, FTTH, Wi-Fi on 5GHz. Furthermore, video means subscribers have less tolerance for interruption, so improvement of latency should become a major consideration.

Coming to grips with changing habits

Web caching and content replication are the most popular techniques deployed by operators and internet service providers. They have been developed as two distinct approaches in order to meet the increasing demand of user requests.

Today, content-volume and service-availability play a major role, leaving behind typical static pages which have solely text and images. The majority of the business-oriented service providers are concerned with Quality of Service (QoS). In this context, both proxy servers (PS) and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have been proposed as different technologies, to deal with this concern. Their common goal is to bring content close to the users, reducing response time.

Meeting all the challenges – PeerApp

Both proxy server technologies demonstrate different advantages and disadvantages. CDNs are characterized by robustness in serving huge amounts of requests and content volumes. However, their main shortcoming is that due to replication and distribution cost, replica placements should be static for a large amount of time. This leads to un-optimized storage capacity usage since the surrogate servers would contain redundant, possibly outdated, or unwanted content.

On the other hand, proxy servers adapt content caching; using cache-replacement algorithms applied to varying access patterns. However, proxy servers do not scale well for serving large volumes of data or user populations.

PeerApp content delivery platform combines the advantages of both PS and CDNs, while encouraging more efficient use of storage and bandwidth resources. The PeerApp solution, PACache, enables transparent caching functionality and is able to complement the required to CDN functionality. This implementation of PeerApp is the only solution to efficiently handle both unmanaged/OTT content as well as managed content in a single cohesive architecture.

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