Evolving from Service to Experience to ensure customer satisfaction

By Sarit Zeidner,

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are in the midst of a digital transition. This fundamental change comes with the realization that although service is what CSPs provide, experience is what customers are buying.
The transition from providing a ‘service’ to providing ‘a customer experience’ to ensure customer satisfaction has become an existential theme for operators. To constantly exceed the expectations of current and future customers, operators understand that they must shift the internal focus from the quality of their service (QoS) to the quality of the experience (QoE) they can provide their customers.

Today’s customers want to wallow in the Digital Experience. As a result, their expectations have significantly altered, and while partisan issues such as net neutrality, advocating the net as a level playing field, have redirected the legal framework. Technical shifts such as encryption have upped engineering requirements. Encryption, while essential for subscriber privacy, invalidates many of the existing traffic management solutions. The pace of change is accelerating and CSPs need to address these issues concurrently, and transform, in order to properly address their users’ needs

Operators need to focus on the point of optimal experience to maximize customer satisfaction.

The point of Optimal QoE will result from a balance between providing the best possible experience while utilizing the least possible resources.

Ensuring optimal QoE translates directly into cost savings.

With Celerity+, network operators ensure subscriber loyalty by providing
optimal, network-wide QoE at the lowest cost, all the time.

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