Facing the Challenges of a “Broadband First” World

This year, Cable Europe hosted its Cable Congress 2015 event in Brussels. The event facilitates the exchange of information and best practices for all major players in the cable industry.

Cable Congress asked PeerApp to contribute to their annual e-book on Dynamic Connections in the cable industry. Our topic focused on “Facing the Challenges of a ‘Broadband First’ World.” Here’s a quick recap:

So, what is Broadband First?

“Broadband First” is a term PeerApp uses to describe new behavior patterns for content consumption. Today, many consumers are switching to broadband as their primary means of accessing entertainment, whether still paying for cable TV or not.

Whether it’s watching TV programs, movies, or live sporting events, Broadband First consumers spend more time streaming content from the Internet to their laptops, connected TVs, tablets and phones, than watching traditional linear TV.

Millennials (the age 18 – 34 demographic) were the early adopters of Broadband First behavior, but the trend goes beyond any age boundary. These consumers expect broadcast quality however they access their content – anywhere, anytime, and with any device – and that places serious demands on the networks.

What’s with the Spinning Wheel?!

Studies show that nearly 27% of viewers experience “buffering” or stalling while their videos load. Seeing that spinning wheel is frustrating, and often causes consumers to abandon the video, or cut short viewing time. As a result, they’re dissatisfied with the experience and often with their Internet Service Provider.

Today’s broadband networks are strained by traffic size and volume. And, despite broadband network investments – such as DOCSIS 3.0 – operators are not yet fully enabling the Broadband First experience. As new consumption patterns and delivery models emerge, cable providers must adapt and create new opportunities.

How can Cable Operators embrace the Broadband First Consumer?

Cable operators should capitalize on the opportunity of Broadband First behavior. To do this, many operators have deployed Internet content caching solutions to augment their networks. PeerApp’s open content caching solution identifies the most popular Internet content and holds it locally for faster delivery to the subscriber. This speeds delivery of the content to both lower bandwidth consumption and improve subscriber Quality of Experience.

Listening to your customers, and adapting to meet their needs, is essential in this new Broadband First world.

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To download the full Cable Congress e-book, click here.

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