iOS 9 is coming!

By Alice Bartram.     What is said to be the most productive iOS yet, will be available to the general public in just a few days – 16th September.  Once the “little red alert badge show(s) up on the Settings app on your device’s home screen” you’ll know the update has been released and you can download it to take advantage of all its many great features.   And then all that software has to get to all those devices – wherever they are…wow!

Major software updates are “flash events” much like viral videos or new season releases. They can wreak havoc with operator networks as many users attempt to download content simultaneously. This is a major issue for many network operators, but those who use PeerApp UltraBand are delivering downloads more quickly while virtually eliminating the traffic spikes within their networks.

Of course, the connected world has evolved in numerous ways since the 2013 iOS 7 launch that seemed to take the world by surprise, causing an average of 23% peak traffic increase, resulting in error messages and failed downloads. Certainly last year’s iOS8 was smoother from an end-customer perspective.   That is due in part to operator adoption of solutions such as ours.

Last year, we released data that showed that 96% of iOS 8 requests made through our operator customers were served from those operators’ PeerApp cache, allowing subscribers to download the update much more quickly. We measured traffic of a sample of customers over the period of September 15th – 21st, 2014 and found that traffic for those customers after the iOS 8 release peaked to over 4 Terabytes per hour – a rate four times higher than normal traffic peaks of 1 Terabyte per hour. Again, that traffic spike was absorbed by PeerApp, allowing subscribers a smoother download experience and helping operators avoid network congestion.

In Korea, specifically, where 3 of the major operators there take advantage of PeerApp solutions (on a 50-100 Gbps+ scale each), we are told anecdotally that some wondered if Korean customers were even doing the iOS 8 upgrade since there was such low traffic to the main site. That is because those upgrades were being delivered locally from within the operator’s network – they had been cached by PeerApp!

When iOS 9 arrives, we expect to be delivering similar benefits across the globe. We’ll be measuring & analyzing – as always – to be sure that all the promise of iOS 9 gets delivered efficiently to those hundreds of millions of devices in the hands of eager consumers.

We wish you happy downloading!

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