Is your network ready for Netflix?

By Sarah Zeidner, Netflix influences the viewing habits of millions of people around the world, leading to abrupt increases in demand for network throughput. Whether in North or South America, or, more recently, in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Netflix’s impact on network sizing and capacity is staggering.

Moreover, Netflix drives end-user perception of service providers. Netflix publishes an ISP "Speed Index", to rank network operators by the speed they deliver Netflix. Networks poorly adapted to Netflix content delivery have rapidly paid the price of inferior brand recognition, lower competitiveness and suffered from higher subscriber churn.

How can network operators cope with the sudden demand on their resources and remain competitive?

PeerApp has the answer

Since the emergence of Netflix, PeerApp has been busy helping dozens of network operators cope with the sudden strain on their networks, optimizing video delivery while mitigating network disruption.

We give network operators a competitive advantage.

Obviously, reducing the RTT of video content is mandatory for optimizing delivery of Netflix video. How do we do that?

PeerApp’s local content delivery system, using local caching, lets network operators avoid costly investments in extra network capacity while still coping with Netflix-caused traffic demand and meeting acceptable QoE levels. Operators invest in their network in order to accommodate peak period traffic, and Netflix is driving peak traffic with over 37% of traffic in the US. Distributed local caching system deployments at network "edges" maximize network backhaul/aggregation offload, thus reducing the network CAPEX / OPEX required to cope with peaking traffic. Operators that have moved from centralized to distributed cache have also reported noticeable boost in QoE. Delivering Netflix video at its best goes beyond reducing RTT. PeerApp’s solutions improve traffic reliability, shorten TCP delays and reduce packet loss. That results in higher playback quality for the end users and enables a sustained 720p/1080p viewing experience.

Taking the proper measures to handle Netflix traffic surge can transform this new reality into an asset for network operators, avoiding churn and creating a competitive edge to gain customers in today’s fierce market. During the many years of experience of optimizing Netflix delivery, PeerApp has developed unique methodologies and best practices.

We create best-of-breed local content-delivery optimization products and services to turn the challenges posed by Netflix into successes.

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