59% plan to watch more #OTT TV over Xmas. Is your network ready?

By Sarit Zeidner,

According to billing and CRM specialist, Paywizard, "30 per cent of all consumers surveyed intend to subscribe to pay-OTT services. The research into TV viewing trends during the Christmas period shows that the projected surge in OTT uptake is taking place as 59 per cent of the 6,242 consumers surveyed plan to watch more TV overall this festive season"

Today's customers want to immerse themselves in the digital experience and, as a result, their expectations are growing.

The pace of change is accelerating and operators need to address these issues concurrently, and transform, in order to properly address their users’ needs

Network performance overwhelmed

Your subscribers expect a fast and reliable online experience on all of their devices. To address the reality of rapidly growing demand in a competitive market, network operators understand that poor Quality of Experience is no longer an option - ensuring your subscribers Quality of Experience has become a requirement.

Subscribers expect to stream movies without any buffering and to download files at the maximum package speed. Due to TCP behavior , latency, packet loss, packets arriving out of order and other network inefficiencies, end users are unable to reach the full potential of the bandwidth package they purchased and feel frustrated at their reduced bandwidth utilization.

PeerApp's solutions suite, improve download speeds to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty while saving on network costs.


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