It’s a Wonderful Life

By Shimon Nurick,    At this time of year, we do start to reflect that generally it is indeed a wonderful life.  But wouldn’t life be even more magnificent if we could stream the famous holiday movie without having to wait for it to buffer? Or take care of our online holiday shopping without getting frustrated while web pages load?  All this whether we're at home in Paris, relaxing at a favorite coffee shop in Boston, or sitting on a beach in the South Pacific.

Online commerce has been booming around the world for years, and continues to grow rapidly. According to an article published by Internet Retailer, market research firm eMarketer is projecting global e-commerce sales to grow 25 percent worldwide in 2015, and will eclipse $3.5 trillion within the next five years.  2015 e-commerce growth is projected to be 9% in Australia and 42% in China with countries like Brazil and the US somewhere in between.   For many retailers, the bulk of these sales will come from online holiday shoppers.

Beyond shopping, 2015 is also seeing a rapid rise in consumer demand for high-quality OTT and streaming video content. As we mentioned in a recent blog post, we believe OTT content is a mega-disrupter. That’s excellent news for consumers but puts great strain on fixed and mobile last-mile broadband access network capacity, significantly diminishing the quality of experience (QoE) for consumers.

Globally, the need for faster delivery of Internet content has never been greater than it will be this holiday season – not only for the expected online shopping -- but also for ‘binge viewing’ of videos and movies like It’s a Wonderful Life. But network operators can’t completely or cost-effectively solve the last-mile squeeze and provide a superior QoE for their customers simply by adding more bandwidth capacity. There’s more to it than that. The ideal solution should include edge-based local content delivery solutions.

Livin’ on the Edge

No. We’re not referring to a rock song, cliff diving or a high-wire act from the Red Planet to a nearby asteroid.

Instead, we mean PeerApp’s edge-based local content delivery platform that enables fixed and mobile operators worldwide to make most efficient use of last-mile capacity.   PeerApp’s solutions -- based on patented PeerApp technology -- help service providers conserve bandwidth capacity, manage network congestion and enable superior subscriber experiences.  Solutions range from open content caching through to IP video/live streaming, and soon Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), which is beginning to come of age. With PeerApp, operators can speed content delivery 12 times or more, and reduce related network costs by 50 percent or greater. All while minimizing churn and improving customer satisfaction.

It really is a wonderful life, isn’t it? To let us know what you think please contact us at

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