Managing network peaks while maintaining excellent QoE

By Sarit Zeidner,

The proliferation of mobile phones and rapidly developing technology have provided subscribers with endless ways to consume on-demand video and entertainment, but have also created an unprecedented surge in online video downloads.
The absolute ease with which subscribers can download movies leads to the downloading of far more data than actually needed. Subscribers often stop watching videos mid-session or download content that they never view at all.
As a result, the downloaded surplus data creates severe network bottlenecks.

Today’s savvy subscribers want movies streaming to be streamed at the maximum available download speed and will tolerate no buffering. In this highly competitive market, operators providing optimal bandwidth and maximum quality of experience (QoE) benefit from a solid competitive advantage.

A cycle of bandwidth usage typically peaks during the network busy hours. The PAQoE Controller enables service providers to manage their network peeks, keeping the bandwidth within preset values, while preserving subscriber QoE and improving fairness within the network.

The PeerApp Content Delivery Platform offers unique solutions that provide the best possible experience while utilizing the least possible resources.

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