Maximizing Subscriber’s satisfaction while generating network savings

By Sarit Zeidner,

Operators are looking to maximize subscriber's satisfaction while better utilizing their networks. This can be reached using a “win-win” approach where the users’ QoE also allows operators to generate network savings.” T-Mobile USA's Binge On program demonstrates that customer experience is the key to winning the hearts of subscribers.  The program optimizes the resolution of streaming video and "zero-rates" subscriber video usage against data caps.  The results have been nothing short of phenomenal.

"Binge On is our most disruptive Un-carrier move yet. It has literally changed the way millions of people are watching video – they’re watching more, more than twice as much as before, and most importantly, they’re watching without worrying about bigger bills or surprise overages! Binge On is the Un-carrier solution to satisfy Americans’ growing appetite for mobile video – and the facts are telling us that customers love it!"
T-Mobile USA

Finding the Perfect Balance

It is clear from the Binge-On example that the throughput of video sessions alone isn’t driving the users’ satisfaction.  In fact, users’ Quality of Experience (QoE) is a composite KPI made up of various session-based KPIs.

If QoE is lowered well below its optimal value, by applying practices such as packet dropping, a degradation to experience is felt immediately. As a result, user satisfaction drops instantly, often generating pressure on an operators’ call-center.

On the other hand, exceeding optimal QoE requirements will only serve to exacerbate the situation; transmitting unrequired data will further congest the network, and waste precious network resources.

The PeerApp Content Delivery Platform offers unique solutions that provide the best possible experience while utilizing the least possible resources.

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