Network Service Providers Can Claim Gold with Guaranteed Quality of Experience

By Sarit Zeidner,

Get ready! Here come the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro! Which is expected to be the most streamed Live Event in human history.  The sheer drama of extraordinary sporting events like the Euro and Olympics triggers a week-long series of sudden surges in live-streaming, country by country, as national favorites compete. There won’t be an unaffected service provider network- mobile, fixed, cable or ISP anywhere in the world.

In the US, eMarketer estimates 320 million people will stream the Rio games, (almost double the number who streamed the 2012 games), whilst in the UK, eMarketer estimates 160 million people will stream the Rio games (about 1.5 times the number who streamed the 2012 games). Broadcasters are going further this year, raising the total streaming hours and focusing on mobile, connected TV, social media, even virtual reality.

PeerApp's UBlive brings the Games to Close-Proximity
PeerApp delivers high-quality, live-streamed content in close proximity to subscribers, offloading the Internet link and the network itself.

UBLive automatically identifies popular OTT live-streams and delivers them locally from the core or the edge of the network. From the network service provider’s, perspective only one stream is delivered from the origin of the live-stream, while masses of viewers receive their live-streams locally, offloading both the Internet link and the network itself.

UBLive has demonstrated more than 90% offload of live-streaming in the network during peak events.

Not only does UBLive eliminate network spikes, but the localization of streams enables subscribers to receive their content at the highest quality and without interruption. 

Scalable and network-efficient delivery of live-streaming is a leading differentiator of your network quality of service; don’t be left behind

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