NOS says ‘Yes’ to PeerApp

By Sarit Zeidner,

NOS Madeira Comunicações successfully employs PeerApp solutions to stream content “rapidamente”

NOS Madeira Comunicações, a subsidiary of NOS, the Portuguese media holding company, delivers broadband services across the mountainous Madeira Island in the Atlantic Ocean southwest of Portugal. The total population is only 300,000, but the island is a popular year-round resort, visited by over a million tourists annually.
As a remote island some 1000 km from Portugal, broadband service suffers from a high degree of latency, reducing the quality of experience (QoE) for subscribers. Peering costs are high, impinging on profitability.
NOS needed to find a solution that would, at once, reduce peering costs while bringing QoE up to an acceptable level found on the mainland, both for local citizens as well as for the many tourists who roam..

No operator is an island

In 2008, NOS tried out PeerApp’s UltraBand™ solution and has never looked back. The UltraBand local content delivery platform enables networks to offer accelerated, local delivery of internet content of all types to subscribers. By holding much of the content locally, NOS reduces peering bandwidth requirements to the distant mainland, and related costs. The PeerApp approach improves subscriber QoE by eliminating buffering and stalls, increasing operational efficiency.
“Right away, we could see a dramatic improvement in the delivery speed of data to all of our subscribers,” declared Head of Engineering Department at NOS. “Our QoE improved as if we were on the continent in Lisbon.”
NOS continues to enjoy the many upgrades and improvements that PeerApp has bestowed upon UltraBand over the years since the initial deployment, happily renewing its license and maintenance agreement with PeerApp.

Live streaming across the ocean

In April, NOS deployed PeerApp’s UBLive™ product in preparation for the Euro 2016 football tournament. UBLive automatically identifies popular OTT live-streams and delivers them locally from the UltraBand device on the island. From the operator perspective, only one stream is delivered from the origin of the live-stream, while masses of viewers receive their live-streams locally, simultaneously offloading the internet link and the network itself. UBLive has demonstrated more than 90% offload of live-streaming in the network during peak events.
Not only does UBLive eliminate network spikes, but the localization of streams enables subscribers to receive their content at the highest quality and without interruption.
Upon deploying UBLive, NOS noticed a drastic improvement of live streams of the Euro 2016 final between France and, of course, local favorite, Portugal.


PeerApp Network Management System

“As you can imagine, the entire island was watching the finals, many people via their mobile phones,” explained Head of Engineering Department at NOS. “PeerApp gave everybody a great experience, and our Portuguese team made us all proud when they won the tournament!”

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