OTT in Europe – Europeans Communications Survey

By Michael Brunsveld.      A special report in the current quarterly edition of European Communications magazine surveyed operators, vendors, analysts and others about their positions and viewpoints regarding the OTT and digital content market in Europe. More than 100 respondents participated in the online survey conducted this year in August and September.

Not surprisingly, survey results found that carriers – in the face of rapidly growing consumer demand in Europe for high-quality streaming video and other OTT content – are grappling with how best to monetize OTT and other streaming video content. Survey findings also revealed that many European operators are struggling with what type of digital content to provide consumers and the development of OTT partnerships.

European operators surveyed cited the following main drivers for their OTT and streaming video strategies:

  • More than 64 percent mentioned generating new revenues and creating differentiation from competitors.
  • Nearly 36 percent reported that attracting new subscribers is a key component to their digital content strategy.
  • Approximately 26 percent of operators conveyed that another critical digital content driver is reducing customer churn.

How can fixed and mobile broadband service providers in Europe and throughout the world achieve these critical main drivers while cost-effectively meeting ever-increasing consumer demand for digital content? As PeerApp CTO, Alan Arolovitch, explains in an interview that follows the European Communications survey, the crucial answer to this question lies in providing the best possible quality of experience (QoE) for their customers. Superior QoE is critical to revenue growth, brand differentiation, attracting new customers and reducing churn.

PeerApp virtualized local content delivery solutions integrate easily with operator networks, allowing edge-based content delivery that significantly improves QoE and performance for end-users while helping network operators better control and cut operating and capital expenses. With PeerApp, carriers can speed content delivery 12 times or more and reduce related network costs by 50 percent or greater. Storing popular OTT, streaming video and other Internet content closer to end-users at the edge of their networks can help broadband service providers globally shorten latency of access to popular content, make more efficient use of bandwidth, and optimize network traffic.

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