PeerApp Wins 2015 Cable Product of the Year!

By Simon Nurick.      We are proud to open up our PeerApp trophy case again to add the 2015 Cable Product of the Year Award. The award honors the most innovative cable technology solutions available in 2015. Applications were evaluated and awarded by the editors of Cable Spotlight, the premier resource for the latest information on the rapidly evolving cable technology industry.

Thank you to TMCnet for honoring PeerApp’s UltraBand with this award. This award is based on our 2015 product cable-specific advancements that include support for:

  • Upstream caching – PeerApp can help establish an Internet peer and subscriber session. The Internet peer requests content from the subscriber, the cache receives the requests from anywhere the world and responds transparently, using the subscriber’s IP address. The subscriber optionally benefits from downstream caching in the same session. This new feature provides positive network management for the cable operator, and doesn’t degrade application performance. It is simple in operation, with no CMTS integration required.   Deployment of PeerApp to support upstream caching can delay or eliminate the need for expensive node splits and is also a very attractive alternative to traffic throttling.
  • “4K-ready” QoE – With the move to 4K video, network demand is only set to increase, especially considering throughput demands. PeerApp allows sustained high throughput of Internet video and other content.
  • Livestreaming – which is currently in production.
  • Virtualization - While not cable-specific, the introduction of a virtualized version will bring increased cost savings benefits to cable operators, as well as any other network.

In addition, PeerApp’s UltraBand deployed with our Content Services Extension API could be used as the cornerstone of a solution that enables cable operators to create OTT bundles as new service offerings, or create revenue sharing arrangements with global CDNs, capitalizing on the Internet content opportunity. PeerApp pioneered this solution with leading CDN service providers Verizon Digital Media Solutions (formerly EdgeCast) and Limelight Networks.

PeerApp has over 450 deployments in more than 100 countries managing an aggregate capacity of over 4Terabits per second. Deployments include multiple Tier 1 deployments on 100-500Gigabits per second scale. PeerApp solutions accelerate content delivery up to 12x or more and reduce network costs by 50% or more, helping operators maximize the opportunity associated with the explosion of Internet content consumption.

For more information visit: and to learn more about our new upstream caching capabilities visit:

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