PeerApp’s UBLive Accelerates Live Events

By Sarit Zeidner, Live-streaming video is surging ahead, fueled by OTT, the primary means to consume media and entertainment online. Coupled with an exploding volume of live video services over the Internet, live-streaming events include traditional linear programming and special-event casting that multiplies demand, coupled with new services offering
user-generated content.

PeerApp analytics system has monitored that during golden ball awards, live streaming accounted for more than 28% of total network traffic and PeerApp enabled the operator to cope with this sudden spike in traffic.

As a popular live event airs, multitudes of subscribers begin hauling identical live-streaming content from the nearest CDN node across access, aggregation, core and peering links, creating a sudden spike in network utilization, negatively affecting the live-stream as well as other services on the broadband access network.

Congestion is not the only problem. The fluid nature of the Internet presents challenge to operators trying to understand, predict and plan for the sudden spikes. Prior to approaching PeerApp, broadband operators and CDN service providers have often mistakenly related to live-streaming events as a form of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack!

UBLive Meets the Challenge

UBLive solves the problem of sudden, live-streaming spikes, enabling network operators to cope with live-streaming events from the network by delivering high quality content to close proximity with subscribers.

UBLive automatically identifies popular OTT live-streams and delivers them locally from the core or the edge of the network. From the operators, only one stream is delivered from the origin of the live-stream, while masses of viewers receive their live-streams locally, offloading both the Internet link and the network itself.

PeerApp's UBLive Accelerates Live Events

PeerApp's UBLive Accelerates Live Events

UBLive has demonstrated more than 90% offload of live-streaming in the network during peak events.

Not only does UBLive eliminate network spikes, but the localization of streams enables subscribers to receive their content at the highest quality made available by the stream publisher and without interruption. Elimination of network-consumption spikes, higher quality streams, and excellent quality of experience make UBLive the solution to the live-streaming surge.

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