Why Quality of Experience (QoE) in important for operators?

Internet content consumption, especially long-form video, continues to exhibit rapid growth, driven by increased content availability, user appetite, broadband access speeds and connected devices, at home and on the go.

According to a recent research conducted by Akamai and Sensum: " OTT video users's online video behaviors will fluctuate if buffering occurs regardless if the service is free or is part of a paid subscription model. Viewers disengage with emotive storylines and react negatively to low-quality streaming incidents like buffering regardless of the brand or interest in the content.

Users now expect Internet content and applications to be available at all times, anywhere and on any device and will tolerate no buffering. To improve quality, most operators have and will continue to invest in network upgrades but any network improvement must take into consideration not only increasing capacity but also improving user experience.

PeerApp content delivery platform enables operators to deliver globally originated content from a local source close to the subscriber, improving QoE and reducing bandwidth consumption throughout the network. PeerApp redefines QoE and accelerates the delivery of content, including encrypted content, by up to 20 times.
This impressive delivery rate is achieved over existing infrastructure. Operators can promote OTT bundles as new service offerings by leveraging PeerApp platform to satisfy subscribers' insatiable appetite for data.

By pushing content to the network edges, operators are achieving critical Backhaul expenditure savings, gain on Backhaul capacity and deliver unprecedented subscribers QoE.

Quality of experience will enable operators to increase subscriber satisfaction reduce churn and create a competitive differentiation.

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