UEFA Semi-Finals Live Streaming Craze!

By Sarit Zeidner,
The 2nd leg of the UEFA semi-finals on May 3rd and 4th really attracted the viewers!
The images below show the skyrocketing spikes caused by abrupt and sharp escalation of online football viewers. PeerApp system monitored live streaming has reached 30% of total network traffic and cache productivity was 123%.

UEFA Live streaming PA

Masses of subscribers would have suffered poor reception and bad video quality from a very congested network it not for the operator’s foresighted installation of PeerApp’s UBLive solution. UBLive alleviates subscriber disappointment caused by steep, live-streaming demand spikes and their sudden burden on the network, enabling operators to cope with ease.
How? By off-loading the network and delivering high-quality content in close proximity to the subscribers who want their video content right now without any disruptions!
Not only does UBLive eliminate network spikes, but its localization of streams delivers on-demand video content at the highest quality and without interruption. UBLive makes subscribers happy and gives operators peace of mind.

UEFA Live streaming2 PA

UBLive is a GA-ready product, deployed in various fixed-line and Mobile Networks; it provides smooth video delivery at any time and on any device.

To learn more please contact us at info@peerapp.com 

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