UltraBand Effectively Delivering Software Updates

By Sarit Zeidner,

The Unpredictable Content Demand Network Attack:

Proliferation of mobile devices and the "anytime, anywhere" character of content demand for content have ignited a digital-content explosion that is straining networks of all types. Mobile devices themselves are often creating the most dangerous traffic spikes: at any unpredictable moment, new types of popular events can endanger the delicate network balance. As an example, on September 13th, Apple's latest iOS 10 release has gone viral, causing network peaking traffic, abrupt congestion and disappointment for thousands of subscribers.

Mitigating Unpredictability, Assuring Delivery:

PeerApp's analytics shows how local content delivery can smoothly handle spikes such as last week's unpredictable 50TB of Apple software updates downloads, while protecting networks balance. PeerApp's UltraBand system effectively delivered 35TB, achieving over 200% cache productivity.

UltraBand effectively delivering software updates

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