Video Consumption is on the Rise, but Bandwidth is Limited

The speed at which technology develops and the proliferation of mobile phones have provided subscribers with endless ways to consume video and entertainment. According to Openwave Mobility research, the stress on mobile networks around the world can be attributed to increased consumption of HD video. Today's subscribers expect and demand quality, speed and reliability for online viewing. Poor Quality of Experience (QoE) is no longer an acceptable option.

More and more operators are facing the market’s insatiable appetite for HD video content, which strains mobile networks. The growth of encrypted traffic is another source of frustration for operators, as encryption protocols prevent them from optimizing traffic via legacy optimization solutions.

As traffic and networks evolve, legacy optimization solutions are becoming obsolete, leaving room for next generation solutions to support Communication Service Providers (CSPs) in their quest to generate savings while ensuring optimal QoE. It is PeerApp’s belief that next generation network-optimization solutions must thoroughly understand and manage content delivery to keep up with network and traffic evolution.

PeerApp also believes that the shift from providing a ‘service’ to providing ‘a customer experience’ has become critical for operators. To exceed the expectations of current and future customers, operators must shift focus from the quality of their service (QoS) to the quality of their customers’ experience (QoE).

PeerApp’s unique content delivery platform offers a range of network optimization solutions – content localization and caching, live streaming delivery, application and data acceleration, smart traffic management and QoE enhancement for all networks.

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