With Caching, Campus Networks Deliver Content 200x faster than Direct from the Internet

College and university campuses are some of the most dynamic and fastest growing networks today. They essentially need to act as Internet Service Providers to deliver content to their customers – the students, faculty and staff.

These customers expect to access their information and entertainment over broadband —on any device, anywhere, at any time. We call this behavior “broadband first” – users look first to broadband as their primary means of consuming content. College and university students are part of the generation that has led the way in making the Internet a primary means of content distribution – for entertainment content as well as educational.

Video and media content of longer length and at very large volumes is accessed for classroom instruction, homework assignments, group project collaboration and research, as well as for entertainment such as watching long-form video services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. This places a hefty traffic burden on servers, consequently interrupting the user-experience.

With transparent caching from PeerApp, college and university networks have been able to deliver content to end-users 200 times faster at peak than delivery direct from the Internet, eliminating buffering and stalling.

PeerApp is well-known to cable, telco and mobile operators for providing its ‘local content delivery’ solutions. However, PeerApp also works directly with educational institutions that have large networks to manage and high customer expectations to meet.

These campus networks face the same quality and cost issues as traditional broadband providers, and poor Quality of Experience can lead to complaints and satisfaction issues. This is especially true when a university’s data network has been touted as a selling point to prospective students and faculty.

By lowering bandwidth needs with transparent caching technology, colleges and universities can save costs, delay network upgrades, or use that bandwidth for other important applications. CIO Reviewmagazine recently named PeerApp as one of the 20 Most Promising Campus Tech Solution Providers for its UltraBand transparent caching solution.

Read the full CIO Review profile on PeerApp: “Accelerating Internet Content on Campus.”


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