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Meeting the Needs of ‘Broadband First’ Consumers

“Broadband first” describes new behavior patterns for digital content consumption. Today, many consumers have switched to broadband as their primary means of accessing entertainment content, whether still paying for cable TV or not. Whether it’s watching regular TV programming, streaming video, or live streaming sporting events, these customers turn to their laptops, tablets and phones to stream content from the Internet.

As video consumption moves to a streaming model, viewers retain their quality expectations no matter what device they use to consume the video. Users now expect Internet content and applications to be seamlessly available at all times, anywhere, on any device. To meet this expectation means having optimal access to content at low latency.

PeerApp's Content Delivery Platform slashes network costs and dramatically improves your subscribers' Internet quality of experience. PeerApp’s specialized solutions comprise content localization and caching, live streaming delivery, application and data acceleration, and smart QoE management.

Two  content delivery use cases are of particular interest to Cable MSOs: upstream caching and live streaming delivery.


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