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Putting the Nail in the Coffin of Doubt (re: Transparent Caching)

“Some of us in the industry always had some form of doubt about the transparent caching platforms.” … so starts a recent post on the Bizety blog. Analyst and Editor Ernie Regalado questions, “How can an entire CDN infrastructure be packaged in a product, and it work efficiently like a CDN, because there are so…
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Streaming Video is here to Stay: What’s a Network Operator to do?

Streaming Media recently asked the CEOs from their list of 100 Most Important Companies in Online Video to share their thoughts on the industry. PeerApp is honored to be part of that list, and I’d like to share our insight: Streaming video is now a fully mainstream activity. Today’s toddlers are watching videos on their…
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You’re Gonna Break the Internet with that Thing!

Upon returning from the OTT Video Executive Summit in New York – where I was able to share PeerApp’s views on managing over-the-top content as well as listen to others in the industry – I thought I’d share some of my insights.  First off, if you haven’t been to an event put on by Brian…
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