Managing network peaks while maintaining excellent QoE

By Sarit Zeidner, The proliferation of mobile phones and rapidly developing technology have provided subscribers with endless ways to consume on-demand video and entertainment, but have also created an unprecedented surge in online video downloads. The absolute ease with which subscribers can download movies leads to the downloading of far more data than actually needed. Subscribers…
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Maximizing Subscriber’s satisfaction while generating network savings

By Sarit Zeidner, Operators are looking to maximize subscriber's satisfaction while better utilizing their networks. This can be reached using a “win-win” approach where the users’ QoE also allows operators to generate network savings.” T-Mobile USA's Binge On program demonstrates that customer experience is the key to winning the hearts of subscribers.  The program optimizes the resolution…
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59% plan to watch more #OTT TV over Xmas. Is your network ready?

By Sarit Zeidner, According to billing and CRM specialist, Paywizard, "30 per cent of all consumers surveyed intend to subscribe to pay-OTT services. The research into TV viewing trends during the Christmas period shows that the projected surge in OTT uptake is taking place as 59 per cent of the 6,242 consumers surveyed plan to watch…
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