Celerity+ – QoE Driven Network Optimization

QoE Driven
Network Optimization

Operators have been trying a variety of solutions in order to provide the best Quality of Service (QoS) while struggling to decrease their investment in infrastructure.
Current solutions only offer temporary and partial relief on network loads, while they actually disrupt fairness and increase network costs. Focusing on QoE driven network optimization is the next step.

Employing advanced  optimization algorithms, Celerity+ evolves from QoS to QoE to achieve fairness and savings.

The Celerity+ solution offers:

  • Costs savings
  • Assured QoE
  • Capacity control
  • Manage congestion
  • Maximize QoE
  • TCP optimization

With Celerity+, network operators ensure subscriber loyalty by providing optimal, network-wide QoE at the lowest cost, all the time.

Celerity+ - QoE Driven Network Optimization