Content Analytics

The UBDirector unified management application monitors and maintains multi-UltraBand deployments and offers business intelligence capabilities.

Using graphs and statistics, UBDirector enables monitoring of caching performance, central management of group policies (business rules) and application of common configurations across multiple POPs (points of presence). UBDirector helps to reduce operational costs, save time in system operation and maintenance, and enables monitoring of issues that might affect customer satisfaction. It achieves these benefits through these main capabilities:

  • Network Performance Maintenance
  • Aggregated Statistics
  • Centralized Administration
  • Unified Policy Management
  • Optional Content Analytics

The optional UBInsight content analytics module provides powerful analytics and reporting capabilities with which to understand trends among services, content types and subscribers.

UBInsight provides visibility into Quality of Experience (QoE), network performance, subscriber trends, and trends around popular content. A business intelligence engine leverages advanced data analysis tools for the visualization and reporting of key performance indicators (KPIs) and gives object level-visibility across multiple UltraBand transparent caching platforms.