Content Caching

Consumption of streaming video has exploded, straining operator and campus networks, resulting in poor subscriber QoE even in advanced broadband and 4G/LTE environments.  In addition, dynamic events such as the World Cup and software updates, like iOS and Windows, cause traffic spikes that also impact the subscriber experience, a key factor in customer retention.

PeerApp’s UltraBand open content caching platform augments operator networks to offer accelerated - local - delivery of streaming video, live streaming and other OTT content.   The PeerApp approach improves subscriber QoE by eliminating buffering or stalls, increases operational efficiency, and opens service delivery and monetization opportunities.    With the move to 4K/Ultra-High Definition (UHD) video, the PeerApp solution becomes even more important for meeting subscribers’ QoE Expectations.

Beyond streaming video, UltraBand is able to cache a wide range of content types.  In fact, UltraBand's transparent caching engine is organized around content classes, rather than on specific services, sites or originating URLs.  As a result, UltraBand is extremely resilient to service changes, knows how to handle dynamic URLs, and facilitates rapid adoption of new content formats and protocols that are constantly emerging.

For deployments of multiple UltraBand systems (to manage multiple Terabits per second of traffic and/or to support a distributed topology), the new UBDirector system unifies management across these multiple systems and offers content analytics.

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