Content Delivery Platform

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In a world in which the Internet has become a primary method of media and entertainment distribution, PeerApp offers a unique content delivery platform that augments operator networks to deliver streaming video, live event streaming and other OTT content to end-customers with high QoE. With PeerApp, operators have accelerated content delivery speeds by 20x or more, ensuring that their customers are able to watch video from services like Netflix and HBO Go on any device - without experiencing buffering or stalling. PeerApp customers have also lowered bandwidth costs up to 50%.

Our content delivery platform spans Content Localization and Caching, Live Streaming Delivery, Application and Data Acceleration, Smart Traffic Management, QoE Enhancement, and Sweeping Congestion Relief -- for all networks.

Our solutions are deployable on any platform at the core or edge of the network and are accelerating network traffic and improving customer satisfaction for more than 550 customers in 100 countries.

PACache transparent open content caching solution has the broadest product range in the industry - scaling from under 1 Gpbs traffic handling capacity through to 150Gbps in a single system - cable, telco, and mobile operators find a “right sized” approach to augment their networks with a local approach to content delivery.

PARapid TCP optimization solution serves as a prefetching and buffering point, supplying a unique, faster and more efficient TCP stack for every session, increasing bandwidth utilization and potentially improving downloading speeds by up to 20 times.

PAQoE Controller solution reduces operators' peak uplink peering capacity requirements, during busy hours, without any negative impact on subscribers’ QoE. Traffic is distributed more evenly and network costs are reduced.

PALive solves the problem of sudden, live-streaming spikes, enabling network operators to cope with live-streaming events from the network by delivering high quality content to close proximity with subscribers.

The PADirector unified management application monitors and maintains PeerApp platform deployments.  It also offers business intelligence capabilities through the optional PAInsight content analytics module.

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