Cost Savings

Deliver with efficiency  and Save Costs

PeerApp enables cost savings and increased operation efficiency in several ways:

  • By holding popular content within the network, PeerApp reduces Internet bandwidth consumed, which saves peering or interconnection costs. Customers have seen upwards of 50% savings – in some cases even higher savings have been achieved.
  • Within the core network, use of PeerApp reduces the traffic load, which can save costs by removing the need for, or delaying, costly network upgrades.
  • Since PeerApp helps to manage traffic spikes – in many cases reducing them altogether – the peak conditions for which networks are usually designed are lower, meaning less expensive network buildout and/or more efficient use of the network.
  • With its unique ability to handle Peer-to-Peer traffic, PeerApp also has the ability to provide caching on upstream traffic, which can help cable operators to delay (or even eliminate) the need for costly node splits.  Upstream caching also offers a potential alternative to bandwidth throttling.