Wi-Fi speed and convenience influence choice of university

Don’t lose out on students because your network has a bad rep!

The Residential Internet Service, ResNet, is facing the same challenges as commercial Internet Service Providers.

Students consume an increasing volume of video, generating network congestion and frustration. Despite a well-engineered network, demand for digital service is overwhelming resources and degrading quality of experience, especially during peak hours.

Adding capacity provides temporary relief, but since network traffic is increasing so fast, network expansion is quite expensive and not sustainable.

PeerApp smart content delivery is the long-term solution.

PeerApp simultaneously cuts network costs and boosts quality of experience.

PeerApp delivers digital content (including encrypted), faster. With PeerApp, you can upgrade the digital experience of online learning, streaming video and other internet content across the entire campus.

The PeerApp content delivery platform resolves performance bottlenecks automatically, enabling universities to fully realize the value of network investment, at once reducing infrastructure costs while eliminating frustration.

PeerApp offers 40% bandwidth offload during peak time and improving user download speeds 3 times faster! 

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