Gadi Tamari

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Tamari brings over 35 years of leadership experience to the role of CEO at PeerApp, including prior CEO and COO roles, overseeing dramatic growth in revenue and company value. Gadi also served four years as Chairman of PeerApp's Board of Directors.
Gadi holds engineering and advanced management degrees.

Niv Krikov

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Krikov bring over 15 years of experience as a "Business Partner CFO" with extensive M&A, high growth multi-entity international success. Prior to joining PeerApp, Niv served as CFO of a telecommunication public company and fulfilled various positions with private and public high tech companies.
Niv holds a Master of Law (LLM) degree as well a BA in accounting and economics.

Simon Nurick

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Nurick brings over 25 years of multi-disciplinary experience to PeerApp in technology areas ranging from aircraft instrumentation to video conferencing to Unified Communications.  Simon has a successful track record of building R&D organizations that deliver cutting-edge technology.
Simon holds a B.Sc. Cum-Laude in computer engineering and an MBA, as well as several patents.

Sagi Kozuch

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Kozuch brings over 15 years of experience in both the telecom industry and the enterprise IT top management, with a successful track record of projects execution, products development and deployment, driving business growth and market differentiation.
Sagi holds a B.Sc. in Electronical and Electronics engineering and a MBA in Business Management.

Kiran Pande

Head of Africa, India, Middle East

Mr. Pande has over 15 years’ experience in both the telecom industry and building businesses in the region, growing revenues and market share. Previously Kiran worked for companies such as ECI Telecom and NDC Telstra.
Kiran has graduate degrees in mechanical engineering and management.

Jacques Montibert

Head of Europe

Mr. Montibert has over 30 years’ experience in telecom industry in Europe, Middle east and Africa.
Prior to Peerapp, Jacques held executive management positions with companies such as Alcatel, Thomson, Critical Path, Nominum.
Jacques has degrees in automation and management.

Dayana Poller

Head of Asia Pacific

Ms. Poller joined PeerApp with 20 years’ Telcom and Media sales experience in Asia. Dayana has built direct and partner sales channels and grown business for previous employers including Kaltura, Avaya and Radvision.
Dayana holds a business degree from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Sarit Zeidner

Marketing Director

Ms. Zeidner is responsible for supporting PeerApp’s growth through messaging, brand development and marketing plan execution. Prior to joining PeerApp, Sarit led Marketing and Corporate Communications for a variety of International technology companies and startups.
Sarit holds an MBA in Business Management specializing  in Marketing.