Mobile Operators

The move to mobile video

As much as 30% of all video content today is watched on mobile devices, and that amount is only set to grow.  The video consumption explosion is straining mobile operator networks, resulting in poor subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) even in 4G/LTE environments.  And with QoE often a key competitive differentiator, and 4K video on the horizon, mobile network operators (MNOs) need new ways to optimize their networks for both quality and cost.

With PeerApp, MNOs ensure that their customers are able to watch video from services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO GO on their tablets and smartphones - without experiencing buffering or stalling. The PeerApp local content delivery approach improves QoE by holding popular Internet video and other OTT content within the operator’s network, closer to end-subscribers.

PeerApp's Content Delivery Platform slashes network costs and dramatically improves your subscribers' Internet quality of experience. PeerApp’s specialized solutions comprise content localization and caching, live streaming delivery, application and data acceleration, and smart QoE management.


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