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In a world in which the Internet has become a primary method of media and entertainment distribution, PeerApp offers an open content delivery platform that augments operator networks to deliver streaming video, live event streaming and other OTT content to end-customers with high QoE. With PeerApp, operators have accelerated content delivery speeds by 12x or more, ensuring that their customers are able to watch video from services like Netflix and HBO Go on laptops, tablets and other devices - without experiencing buffering or stalling. PeerApp customers have also lowered bandwidth costs up to 50%.

UltraBand open content caching solution is the company’s flagship product, installed at over 500 network operators (mobile, telco, cable, college/university) around the globe. With the broadest product range in the industry - scaling from under 1 Gpbs traffic handling capacity through to 150Gbps in a single system for Tier 1 needs - cable, telco, and mobile operators find a “right sized” approach to augment their networks with a local approach to content delivery.

The UBDirector unified management application monitors and maintains multi-UltraBand deployments.  It also offers business intelligence capabilities through the optional UBInsight content analytics module.  UBInsight provides visibility into Quality of Experience (QoE), network performance, subscriber trends and types of cached content. This business intelligence engine leverages advanced data analysis tools for the visualization and reporting of key performance indicators (KPIs) and object level visibility from multiple UltraBand transparent caching platforms.

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