Ensuring Digital


The phenomenal growth of digital content is fundamentally changing viewing habits. And networks, whether mobile, cable, telco/ISP, or even campus, are all feeling the strain.

PACache supercharges any network, increasing content delivery speeds by a factor of 10-18, and enabling operators to provide a haven of digital continuity to their subscribers.

Seamless caching 

The solution’s unique caching engine is organized around content classes, rather than the more tradition way of around specific services, sites or URLs. This logic enables PACache to automatically cache a wide range of content types.

PACache will not interfere with the business logic of any Internet application or service, and will not expose public IP addresses to subscribers, HTTP services, peer-to-peer networks or third parties.

PACache works seamlessly, making sure that cache content is always up to date, while subscribers and content servers won’t even know it’s there.

For deployments of multiple PeerApp platforms (to manage multiple Terabits per second of traffic and/or to support a distributed topology), the PADirector unifies management across these multiple systems and offers content analytics.

PaCache flow


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