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Unified Content Delivery and Quality of Experience Across the Network

As the streaming of vast volumes of diverse content grows in volume and complexity, PeerApp nodes multiply and disperse geographically. Their administration and management naturally become more complex. To simplify, PeerApp offers PADirector, the unified management system that lets operators monitor and control all their PeerApp nodes from a single source.

Unified Content Management Made Simple

The intuitive, user-friendly graphic interface enables monitoring of caching performance, central management of group policies (business rules), and application of common configurations across multiple points of presence.

Network Performance

From the simple, centralized dashboard, administrators can observe the performance of all PeerApp servers, monitoring aggregated, network-wide information such as overall traffic and conditions.

Reports at Every Level of Granularity

Useful productivity statistics are produced at all levels: aggregated across all PeerApp nodes, across any sub-group, and by individual node. Peak usage and throughput comparisons over different time periods and between nodes are promptly available on demand or can be scheduled for automatic execution and distribution.

Main capabilities:
• Network Performance Maintenance
• Aggregated Statistics
• Centralized Administration
• Unified Policy Management
• Optional Content Analytics


PADirector graphs
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