PALive  Live Events Accelerated

Broadband Networks Spike, Too

The PeerApp analytics system calculated that during special events, like the Olympic Games, live streaming already accounts for more than 37% of the total network traffic. And it is no secret that online audience demands are still growing.

PALive Meets the Challenge

PALive automatically identifies popular live streams and delivers them locally from the core or the operator network’s edge. From an operator’s perspective, only a single stream is delivered from the live stream origin, while a multitude of viewers receive their live streams locally, offloading data through both the Internet link and the network itself.

PALive achieved an impressive offload of over 90% through the network when live streaming peak events.

PALive benefits:

  • Eliminates network traffic spikes: offloads up to 90% when streaming live
  • Facilitates high quality streaming: localizes live streams, eliminating buffering
  • Ensures excellent QoE:accelerates streaming and content
    download 10-18X
  • Easy to deploy: facilitates simple in-line and out-of-line implementation
  • Increases subscriber loyalty: extremely fast download and Internet
    access speeds
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