PAQoE Controller

Smart QoE Management
for Optimal Bandwidth Usage

So Much Video, So Little Bandwidth

The proliferation of mobile phones and rapidly developing technology have provided subscribers endless ways to consume on demand media and entertainment, but have also created an unprecedented surge in online video downloads.

Tweaking Bandwidth Averts Peaking Bandwidth

Network traffic patterns present a cycle of bandwidth utilization that typically peaks during busy hours. The PAQoE Controller enables service providers to manage their bandwidth use during peak usage hours. The solution ensures predetermined bandwidth values are not exceeded, while preserving subscriber QoE`.

PAQoE Controller benefits:

  • QoE management: satisfies subscribers' insatiable appetite for bandwidth
  • Network CAPEX/OPEX savings: reduces traffic while maintaining
  • Active traffic pacing: reduces traffic bursts
  • Traffic optimization: accelerates all TCP traffic, including HTTPS
  • Easy to deploy: facilitates simple in-line and out-of-line implementations
  • Increases subscriber loyalty: extremely fast download and Internet
    access speeds

The PAQoE Controller optimizes data buffering for all streaming media, lowering overall bandwidth usage, and enabling other subscribers to take advantage of the freed-up bandwidth

PAQoE Management diagram
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