Improve Subscriber Experience while
Lowering Costs

Network overloads distress subscribers

Today’s subscribers are savvy. They expect and demand absolute quality, speed and reliability for their online viewing. Poor Quality of Experience (QoE) caused by inherent TCP behavior, such as latency, packet loss and other network inefficiencies, is no longer an acceptable option.

Improve subscriber experience while lowering costs

PARapid redefines QoE and accelerates the delivery of content, including encrypted content, by up to 20 times. This impressive content transfer is achieved over existing infrastructure. Operators can at last satisfy subscribers’ insatiable appetite for bandwidth.

PARapid benefits:

  • Traffic optimization: accelerates all TCP traffic, including HTTPS
  • Enhabces QoE: up to 20X faster download speeds
  • Congestion management: employs multiple congestion control algorithms
  • Cost savings: increases network utilization and reduces CAPEX
  • Easy to deploy: facilitates simple in-line and out-of-line implementations
  • Builds subscriber loyalty: provides fastest download and internet
    access speeds

With PARapid, network operators ensure subscriber loyalty by providing optimal, network-wide QoE at the lowest cost, all the time.

PARapid diagram
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