ESW Capital Acquires PeerApp

Acquisition of PeerApp Builds Momentum for ESW Capital in Telecom

AUSTIN, TX - September 17, 2017 - ESW Capital, LLC, today announced that it has purchased the assets of PeerApp Ltd. (“PeerApp”), via the newly-formed subsidiary PeerApp Solutions, Inc. PeerApp’s award-winning content delivery solutions will join an impressive array of enterprise software applications delivered under the ESW Capital umbrella.

PeerApp provides a content delivery platform that accelerates the delivery of Internet video and other over-the-top (OTT) content. Services boost quality and customer satisfaction, provide 20 times faster delivery and reduce network costs up to 50 percent or more. PeerApp serves more than 550 mobile, cable and broadband network operators and educational institutions in 100 countries.

"With continually increasing network traffic and consumption of video around the world, I am pleased to bring PeerApp’s impressive customer base, global team, and market-leading products into our portfolio,” said ESW Capital executive Marisa Goldenberg, who will assume the role of CEO PeerApp Solutions, Inc. “Moving forward, we will create even more value for PeerApp’s customers by advancing product development, enhancing support, and instituting an obsessive focus on Customer Success. “

This purchase strengthens ESW Capital’s presence in telecom, having recently invested, through a subsidiary, more than $100 million in Redknee Solutions Inc., which serves CSPs with market-leading monetization and subscriber management solutions. As it has done with Redknee and dozens of enterprise software companies, ESW Capital will implement its Customer Success program with PeerApp customers. The program aims to achieve 100 percent Customer Success by maximizing the value customers receive and by aligning offerings with PeerApp customers’ goals to be leading-edge, innovative and competitive.

“With ESW Capital’s reputation and customer-centric approach, PeerApp’s products are well poised to compete in the market and telecom space,” said Niv Krikov, co-CEO of PeerApp Ltd. “Our customers, whose loyalty we value, and their goals will be put first along with strategic investments that will continue PeerApp’s track record of technology leadership.”

About PeerApp Ltd.
Founded in 2004, PeerApp delivers award-winning open content caching solutions, including content localization and caching, live streaming delivery, application and data acceleration, smart traffic management, QoE enhancement and congestion relief across all networks. Local content delivery solutions help operators generate new revenue opportunities. For more information, visit

About ESW Capital, LLC
Based in Austin, Texas, Enterprise Software (ESW) Capital has honed a finely-tuned methodology focused on buying, strengthening, and growing mature business software companies. By taking advantage of its unique operating and development platforms, ESW revitalizes its acquisitions for sustainable success while making customer satisfaction a top priority. ESW and its affiliated companies have been in the enterprise software space since 1988, and the group includes notable brands such as Aurea, Trilogy, Versata and Ignite Technologies. For more information, visit

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