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For telecom operators and ISPs who need to optimize their investments in next generation networks, including FTTx, PeerApp delivers open, adaptable solutions for local delivery of Internet video and other OTT content that speed delivery by bringing content closer to end-users.  Internet content consumption - especially long-form video - continues to show rapid growth, driven by an increase in content availability, user appetite, broadband access speeds and variety of connected devices.

Premium video services and other ‘on demand’ applications also come with increased expectations of quality. Users now expect Internet content and applications to be seamlessly available at all times, anywhere, on any device. To accommodate the demand for quality, most operators have invested in broadband network upgrades offering last mile speeds in excess of 100Mbps. Unfortunately, those capital investments have not fully solved the challenge of delivering the performance subscribers expect. In fact, in some situations, operators have seen their superior “last mile” offering fail to either curb customer churn or achieve good standing in third-party regulatory or private benchmarks.

PeerApp believes that a new way of delivering content must be put in place – one that puts content closer to the content consumer. This allows operators to deliver globally-originated content from a local source. This speeds delivery for QoE and reduces bandwidth for costs savings.

PeerApp's Content Delivery Platform slashes network costs and dramatically improves your subscribers' Internet quality of experience. PeerApp’s specialized solutions comprise content localization and caching, live streaming delivery, application and data acceleration, and smart QoE management.

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