“The demand for live streaming was higher than ever during the games,” declared Marco Di Costanzo, TIM Brazil’s Network Director. “It reached its peak during the Brazil-Germany football final. It seems that the entire country was watching the event and masses of people were doing so over our network.”

“The colossal volume of live-streaming, especially during the football finals, was delivered with higher quality to our subscribers and lower impact to our network,” stated Marco. Thanks to UBLive, our subscribers got a smooth experience and enjoyed the games immensely.

Marco Di Costanzo, TIM Brazil’s Network Director

Smart devices have had such a significant impact on our ecosystem, so being able to effectively manage software updates and streaming Internet video is critical for us. Now that we have PeerApp, students, faculty and staff are able to stream video, audio and image content quickly. PeerApp also helps us to manage the congestion in our network during major software updates

Arthur Brant, Enterprise Infrastructure, Abilene Christian University

Our server group is very happy. With more than 300 virtual and 60 physical servers, software upgrades could take days. Prior to PeerApp’s local content delivery, it would take anywhere from 15 minutes to a half hour to download software upgrades for each individual server. Now, upgrades are downloaded instantaneously.

Eric Tornoe , IT Operations Manager and Enterprise Architect, St. Thomas University

Digicel prides itself on delivering the best value, the best service and the best network and we are always on the lookout for ways to enhance the experience we offer to our valued customers.
By adding PeerApp’s market-leading UltraBand solution to our networks, we can deliver even better service to our customers with faster delivery of Internet video and other content.

Razvan Ungureanu, Digicel Group Chief Technology Office,